Treatments & Features

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*Allow 1-2 hours for consultation

  • Describe the necessary changes to make the most impact on buyers who are shopping for homes in the area.  Walk the home to plan how to ultimately stage/redesign each space, assessing it as a buyer would.  While we walk together, the client/realtor is encouraged to take notes while I share expert advice.  Take photographs during the walk to complement and complete the assessment.  Demonstrate the difference that home staging & redesign makes by quickly transforming a space in the home.  Implement an 8-step staging & redesign process to help create the ideal home environment.  Suggest cosmetic upgrades as wise investments to help maximize design & selling potential.  Provide accessory, furniture, art & textile arrangement & upgrade solutions based on desired results within budget.  Determine the further services that would best fit the home & client based on budget & staging requirements

Half Day Treatment

*This treatment requires a consultation

  • For homes that need some extra design attention & are less than 2,000 Sq.Ft..  Dramatically transform main areas* of home based on demographics & staging/redesign needs determined at consultation.  Use what client has & purchase or rent the necessary accessories, art, furniture, textiles to create a cohesive look within budget.  Arrange furniture, style accessories, textiles & artwork to complete a staged look in main areas.*  Take beautiful photos for use as marketing material & to help attract online home buyers.  Spend up to 4 hours transforming the home using an 8-step staging & redesign process to ensure no details are missed.  Suggest cosmetic upgrades/repairs/purchases to maximize design & selling potential within client budget.  Pause before our time is up to reassess & identify remaining obligations.  The Scott Rich Staging Report will be emailed to the client prior to the staging day to help prepare the home.  *Main Areas: Entryway/Living/Dining/Kitchen/Master BR/Master BA

Full Day Treatment*

*This treatment requires a consultation

  • For homes over 2,000 Sq.Ft. that require extensive staging/redesign.  The Scott Rich Staging Report will be emailed to client prior to the scheduled staging day to help prepare the home.  Suggest cosmetic upgrades/repairs to maximize design & selling potential within client budget.  Address purchases as wise investments to finish the details & determine what is necessary & practical to complete each room.   Arrange furniture, style accessories, artwork, textiles to complete a staged look in main areas.*  Transform the home for up to 8 hours based on demographics & staging/redesign needs addressed during the consultation.  Dramatically refine the home using an 8-step staging & redesign process to prep the home to be Open House ready.  Include what client has & add necessary accessories, artwork, textiles to refine & elevate the home's style within client budget.  Take beautiful photos to use as marketing material  & to help attract online buyers. Pause before the end of our day to reassess & determine next steps & obligations. *Main Areas:  Entryway/Living/Dining/Kitchen/Master BR/Master BA

Rich Photo Treatment

  • For homes that need professional photos taken & some refinement to be Open House ready.  Provide redesign & organizational solutions to assist the client in preparing for showings.  Up to 4-hour appointment taking beautiful photos of main areas* to help market the listing & attract online buyers.  Use what client already has to maximize budget and help create a staged appearance in main areas* of the home.  Suggest what may be wise to add/subtract to help create & keep the staged appearance for Open House days.  Recommend additional purchases/rentals as investments within budget to help elevate the decor.  *Main Areas:  Entryway/Living/Dining/Kitchen/Master BR/Master BA                                         

Rich Redesign Consultation* 

*Allow 1-2 hours for the consultation

  • For the client who may not be selling their home yet & needs professional design assistance to elevate their overall decor.  Focus on areas in need of improvement with the optimal arrangement & placement of furniture, accessories, art & textiles in order to create a comfortable home especially designed for the client.  Provide practical organizational & redesign solutions within budget to fit client needs & to satisfy the desired result in decor. Suggest purchases & cosmetic upgrades as wise investments to maximize design potential & enhance home environment. Determine a color scheme from colors & materials that harmonize the space to create a cohesive color story throughout the home.

Rich Color Treatment*

*Allow 1-2 hours for the consultation that is included

  • Begin with a meeting to discuss how to achieve an optimal color scheme specially designed for the client.  Assess the home to get a sense of the space, light & architectural features.  Determine client's favorite/least favorite colors & design preferences to help define a personal style & reflect it cohesively in the decor.  Textiles, fixtures, finishes, furniture, art & accessories are included in the assessment. Suggest purchases & cosmetic upgrades as wise investments to maximize design potential & increase home value within budget.  Provide a combination of color & design materials to inspire & implement a mood.

Hourly Treatment

  • Hourly service rate applied to shopping time, additional time for staging/redesign services

Monthly Treatment

  • Rates vary based on client/property needs

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